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Custom-made Pet Doors In Hobart

Most Australians love their pets and even share their homes with their four-legged friends. Unfortunately, pets always seem to want to get in and out of the house at the most inopportune times, during the middle of the night or the early hours of the morning.

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Thanks to our innovative range of pet doors, you won’t ever again have to get out of your warm bed to open doors or windows to let your furry friends in or out of the house. Our Petsafe range of pet doors is available in a size and style to suit you, your pet, your home, and your lifestyle. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards and they are expertly installed by qualified tradespeople.

Our glazing specialists can install the pet door of your choice into virtually any existing glass window or door with the minimum amount of disruption to its use and functional visibility. You can rest assured that our enthusiastic and highly motivated team will apply the same standards of quality and customer care to fitting your pet door as they do to every single project that they undertake.

Whether you need to install pet doors, a full set of doors and windows, or a row of shopfronts, we can take care of all of your glazing and aluminium cladding requirements.

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Tasmanian Glass & Aluminum Association
Australian Standard
Glass & Glazing Association of Australia

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